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Hello guys, if you are willing to write about the below-mentioned topics, then we at WizardTechnical always welcome you to write for us. We encourage every individual to showcase one’s skills in content writing and creativity.

As wizardtechnical.com is a news related website. We always encourage the content writers to write for us about news related to any of the fields mentioned below:


2. Education

3. Trending(Anything)

4. Lifestyle

5. Business

6. Entertainment

We also have some conditions for you to keep in mind while submitting an article for us.

Firstly, Use the contact use to write us your idea. Then after our confirmation, we will allow you to write for us.

The content length should be minimum 1000 words if the article is an informative article.
The content length for news articles must be minimum of 500 words.

You can also provide us the images, or else we would keep the relevant images for that post.

The perks you get for your writing

1. If are having a website, then we would give you a do-follow backlink for your website.

2. If your post ranks in the first place of search results, then we would give you an opportunity for writing another article for us.

3. For everyone who write the articles, your name would be published as the author.