Why Spotify is down today?

Today on December 16th, Spotify the music streaming app is down as reported by independent.co.uk. Users who are affected have said that they are not able to listen to music, some said that they are logged out automatically and they are not able to log in again.

This was seen in some parts of Europe just now. You can check it in down detector website.

Spotify has a Twitter account called Spotify status, in that they post everything related to any issues. But till now they have not yet posted anything related to this outage and when they will up again, as reported by independent.co.uk.

There was an outage in the end of November as well.

Spotify, the music streaming app has gone down.

Spotify is down in some parts of Europe

How to fix Spotify not working problem?

This outage came after a recent outage of google servers on 14th of December 2020.

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