What to gift on New Year 2021 under 1000 Rs

Hello guys, If you are thinking about gifting something on January 1st this New year 2021, then we have some picks which you can get easily chose from. Gift them to your dear ones, they are just under 1000 Rs. So here are the top 3 gifts you can gift to your dear ones in 2021

1.Amazon Prime Subscription

As we all know, Mirzapur and Coolie No.1 are trending in the youth. So why don’t you join them and enjoy this year by subscribing to amazon prime? Just stay at your home, enjoy watching the trending movies, and support.

So if you are thinking about getting amazon prime subscription, then below are the details and just use that link to get your amazon prime subscription.

Amazon prime as a gift this new year 2021

How to buy and gift amazon prime subscription in 2021

buy amazon subscription in 2021 new year and gift

2.Gift Cards

As we all know that online orders are delivered late due to Covid19. We don’t want our gift to be delivered after a month in the new year. So we have a solution for this. Gift Cards provide you an instant gifting solution which you can send your dear ones and they can redeem the gift card for any purpose at any time.

If you are planning to gift the amazon gift cards, then below is the link to get started.

How to buy and gift amazon gift cards in 2021


Gifting books on this new year 2021 to your dear ones can be a useful and precious gift for them. Books can have a huge impact on everyone. If your friend is a book lover, then just don’t miss this opportunity to gift them a book this new year.

You can find some best books in Amazon. So below are the links to the best sellers on Amazon.

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