What is after IaaS? Is it ICaaS or CloudEnd?

Recently, a startup based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh(India) has introduced a new type of cloud service, called CloudEnd Platform. This service is gonna be very much useful for organizations and it’s the solution for infrastructure for corporate group’s technology in the world.

This company with “ICaas” as new services terminology of 21st century, is the best solution to the Infrastructure problems in the present world.

The Co-founder says the CloudEnd offerings as: “Infrastructure Code as a Service”.

We will have many

issues related to aspects like managing cloud infrastructure services. Ans also there are many issues also linked with conventional IT setup. And in the case of expenses related to conventional IT services, we need to spend money on security, networking, managing infrastructure. In the case of cloud infrastructure, the team needed for its maintenance is expensive.

CloudEnd will reduce all the costs which are spent on conventional loud services and will provide you with quality service.

About CloudEnd Startup:

CloudEnd is a Visakhapatnam based startup which also has branches in Hyderabad and Boston. They helps the businesses to take their infrastructure to a new level.

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