Users choose Signal and Telegram as the best alternatives for WhatsApp

best alternatives for whatsapp are telegram and signal | source twitter

Recently Whatsapp has made an update that asked users to accept their policy update. If the users accept that policy, then you are giving control over your WhatsApp data like texts, and whatever you share over WhatsApp to the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

As this is not at all secure for the users, so many users are trying to change their messaging platform and migrate to other platforms. So users are finding alternatives for WhatsApp messenger from the past week.

Some privacy activists questioned the “Accept our data grab or get out” policy from whatsapp according to TheHindu.

Recent news about this update by WhatsApp has made many users migrate to Telegram and Signal app and use them as their messaging platform. It also states that the number of new users installing WhatsApp has also dropped by 11% in the first few days of this new year of 2021.

Impact on Signal App

A recent tweet by the World’s

richest person “Elon Musk” has also impacted the users to migrate to the signal app. He tweeted “Use Signal”. This might also be a reason for the Signal app seeing the surge in the number of users registering from the last few days.

Recent news from a source also shows that more than 1,00,000 users have installed the Signal app from the Google and Apple Stores in the last few days.

Impact on Telegram

More than 2.2 million users have downloaded Telegram as of now because of the WhatsApp policy changes.

Telegram has used this opportunity to attract users to their platform. Telegram through its official Twitter account tweeted memes making fun of Facebook and Whatsapp. With all the capabilities, Telegram can be an alternative for WhatsApp.

Telegram tweeted a meme in which they replaced the two spider man faces with Facebook and WhatsApp which point to each other.

Telegram also answered some questions from users with some humorous answers.

A user said that the only thing that stopped him from migrating is the rich sticker data base. Then telegram replied that the sentence that includes “Rich stickers” and doesn’t include “Telegram” seems to make no sense.

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