Universities that received donations from MacKenzie Scott’s $4 Billion donation

One of the richest women is speeding up for donations, MacKenzie Scott gave away more than 4 billion dollars in four months. That’s on top of the one point seven billion she donated in July. She’s the ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Her wealth, which is mostly Amazon stock, has climbed more than twenty-three billion dollars this year to 60 billion. That’s according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

According to the news reports by various sites, We have listed down some universities which have received donations as a part of MacKenzie Scott’s 4 billion dollars donation.

Universities which has received a donation as a part of $4 billion giveaway by the ex-wife of Amazon founder:

1. Lincoln University:

It has received $20 million as a part of her $4 billion donations. The university has announced that it was the highest donation by a single donor they have received. This was mentioned on

the inquirer website.

2. Morgan State University

Morgan State University had received $40 Million. They have also mentioned that it was the highest donation they had received from an individual, according to baltimoresun.com.

3. Virginia State University

Virginia State University had received a $30 million donation according to progress-index.com. According to the progress-index, the president of VSU has also said that the donation came with “no strings attached“.

4. Kentucky community college

Kentucky community college had received a $15 million gift from MacKenzie Scott, as said by president of Ky. college according to kentucky.com.

5. Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View A&M University received $50 million donation according to texastribune.org. At Prairie View, school leaders have chosen to allocate $10 million to juniors and seniors who had faced challenges related to finance, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MacKenzie Scott has donated for many universities and also many organizations which are doing remarkable work.

She had mentioned about the donations, in her post in medium.

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