Top 4 Google products that are taken down by google recently

Best google products that are taken down in 2020

Recently google has started to take down some of its services from a pool of its services. So in this article we are going to discuss about four of the important services google has taken down recently.

1.Google Fiber TV

Google Fiber TV, the TV package you used to be able to bundle with the Google Fiber Internet service for an extra fee, you could get what was essentially cable TV over fiber. And although now ubiquitous streaming services have eaten into the popularity of cable and satellite subscriptions, a dedicated service that doesn’t go over the Internet still has its advantages. However, Google had to pay the companies that own the rights to popular cable channels tons of money in order to carry them, in some cases more than traditional cable companies were paying. Additionally, fiber Internet was so expensive to build out that Google stopped offering it in new cities in 2016. So they had to find a way to cut costs and getting rid of fiber TV in February 2020 was an easy choice. Given that Google already offered its YouTube TV service, that allowed customers to stream most of the same channels.

2.Google Nest Secure

The Nest Secure, which was a security system that competed with products like Amazon Ring and simply safe. It was pretty full featured with a base station and a keypad that frankly triggered my trip, a phobia window and door sensors and professional monitoring. But after about three years, Google deep sixed the entire ecosystem in October 2020, though they’ll continue to support customers that already have a system installed. Part of the issue here may have been lack of demand. Nest secure was quite pricey compared to its competitors as a starter

kit with a base and a couple of sensors was $500. And unless you live somewhere like an apartment with minimal entry points, you needed to buy expensive adons to have effective security. Google actually partnered with ADT a short while before removing Nest Secure. And although ADT is an exactly the most beloved company, Google may have thought there was more money in providing hardware to a well established security firm instead of trying to compete on its own in a space where they were clearly getting undercut.

3.Google Play Music

Google Play Music. It ran for nearly 10 years. And although it started mostly as a service to allow people to store their own songs in the cloud and buy new ones, it later became a full fledged streaming service that competed with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. However, Google was already offering streaming

music through another one of its own services, YouTube. As the 2010s wore on, it became more common to find music on that platform. And in 2018, Google launched YouTube music, which includes a paid option to remove ads and enabled background listening. However, Google was paying to license music for two services instead of one. So with YouTube being the more popular service, it no longer made sense to keep Google Play music around. So they removed it in late 2020.

5.Google Pigeon app

Pigeon app would give you crowdsourced updates on public transit. So news about delays on your route would be pushed to your phone. But you’d also get notified about problems with escalators, unsanitary conditions, and even if there’s entertainment on route things that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever visited New York City. It sounded like a great idea to fill in gaps that official information from the transit services themselves couldn’t even Google Maps doesn’t include information that comprehensive if you try to plan out a trip on mass transit. But then, of course, the pandemic hit and with it, mass transit systems around the world either significantly reduced service or suspended it completely, making Pigeon a victim of colossally bad timing. Pigeon was taken down by google in June 2020.

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