TCS NQT interview experience 2020 (ECE)

tcs nqt 2021 interview experience

TCS panel 1 :

Technical Round

  • Tell me about urself.
  • What are the data types in c programming?
  • What do you know about type conversion?
  • Difference between structures and unions.
  • What are Arrays?
  • Difference between Lists and Tuples.
  • what is recursion, say some advantages and disadvantages?
  • How to Swap two numbers without a third variable?

Managerial Round

  • How you overcome covid-19 pandemic.
  • What do you hear about the latest news about TCS company?
  • I have trouble now who should I hire you or CSE.
  • Why TCS?


  • Where do you see yourself next 5 years?
  • Do you know 1 year bond with TCS?
  • Are you comfortable nightshifts and relocations.
  • Any backlogs?

TCS Panel 2 :

Technical Round

  • The main difference between AI and ML.
  • Explain briefly about your project.
  • What are the Normalisation forms?
  • Difference between method overloading and method overriding.
  • Different types of keys used in DBMS.
  • Have you used any online platform for coding and what is your position in it?
  • Write a program on Factorial using recursion.

Managerial Round

  • Two things you hate about the IT industry?
  • What is your weakness and how you overcome those?
  • If I reject your form the hiring process and what is your next plan?
  • If I advise you to work on a project that you are not interested in. How you handle this situation?


  • Tell me about your family background.
  • What do you know about TCS?
  • Are you willing to work night shifts?
  • Products on TCS?
  • Any questions for us?

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  1. What are the hardest questions asked in TCS NQT interviews 2021?

    1. Sorting programs for an electronics student
    2. Core subjects like communication for an electronics student

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