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Hello guys, Let’s take a look at the top 5 news from the world of technology.

1. Pubg mobile game in India

As Pubg mobile gears up for its re-entry into the Indian market. It has come across a hurdle yet again the objection this time comes from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights that said that it would not be appropriate to allow the game to come back unless legislations are in place with such online games, according to officials.

2. Gmail will delete your accounts

Have a spare Gmail account that you haven’t logged in to for a long time, well it’s high time you do because starting June 2021 Google will start deleting e-mail accounts that have been inactive for more than two years. This includes products like Gmail, drive, or photos. The policy won’t apply to users that have bought additional storage.

3. Enhance gaming quality in Samsung S20 and Galaxy Note20

While most people only hope for a seamless performance when they buy a smartphone there are various requirements as far as gamers

are concerned. Now Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 series users can install a dedicated app that will enhance the performance of select games on their phones through standalone GPU driver updates. The Samsung GameDriver app is available for both Exynos, Qualcomm, and Snapdragon versions of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 models. But the good news for Samsung users. The company has plans of making the app available for other devices as well.

4. Google new add settings controls

Google has introduced a new control in AD settings that will enable

people to see fewer alcohol and gambling ads on both Google and YouTube platforms. While earlier there were options to stop seeing certain types of ads. This new feature is an extra step putting the choice in the user’s hands and enabling them to further control your ad experience.

5. Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone launch in January 2021

The excitement is building up ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S21 series on January 14th. And through various sources, we have a list of leaks about the upcoming device. As per the leaks, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 ultra users will stand a chance to use smart quadrat case in mint and Violet variants. As for the leaks, the South Korean company will be offering its chargers at a cheaper cost than before. It will also be introducing a new 30W fast charger.

Source: Youtube.com

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