How To Get The Verified Instagram Account With Blue Tick In Just 3 Days

verified Instagram tick in 3 days

It’s not weird if every smartphone users have accounts on social media Instagram. Instagram is indeed, grab the attention of the community with a variety of uniqueness of its features. Not to mention, Instagram is always active in the latest features, so that users do not get tired, either it is Insta stories, IGTV, and much more.

No wonder indeed if many Instagram user wants to get the attention of a large number of followers. Followers belonging to each account is indeed very influential, for example, TikTok stars with tens of thousands of followers even there are hundreds of thousands. With a large number of followers so they simply deserve a blue tick from Instagram. However, what is actually to check the blue? What is a blue tick? How do you get a blue tick? But before going into this, let’s know first what’s the intent of the blue tick on Instagram.

So if you would like to have yours account verified, you must meet the following requirement first. Now what is that?

Earlier, as we know, the account verification process is not known clearly and so shrouded with secrecy.
However, recently the co-founder and CTO of Instagram, Mike Krieger announced that account with a reach of wider audience or followers may request their account verified through their own applications


Well, to apply for a verified account, Instagram user can visit their profile and choose the settings menu option. From the settings menu, you need to click on “Request Verification”. However, users must be ready to prove who they are on the verification request via Instagram.

Through its official description, Instagram suggested that those who ask for verification should provide the full name and personal identity or business that is legally recognized. From that process, then review the request and Instagram determine whether those who apply it deserves the verification or not.

However, just because you apply for verification, does not mean you instantly get what you want. Instagram Help Center States that an account must be verified, to really represent the person or business that is real, should have a complete bio, be public, and must be considered to be ‘ important ‘.

Quoted from Wired, these new features of Instagram is a part of the latest attempt to make the app Instagram safer. In addition, Instagram may also launch a new feature, namely the “about this account” for users who already have a lot of followers. Moreover, Instagram also supports third-party authenticators to make accounts more difficult to compromised or hacked.

Well, when submitting for verification, make sure you have done the latest apps updates And in addition, you must also have a lot of followers so that the application can be accepted.

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