How to clear Accenture interview 2021 | Accenture Interview process and Questions for all branches

Hello guys, Accenture has been conducting off-campus drives for the 2021 pass-out students. As we all know, Accenture is planning to employ many students this year. It’s offering 4.5lpa and 6.5lpa. So as of now, many students ‘ written and coding rounds have been completed. Some of them also have completed the communication assessment. In this article, I will discuss how to crack Accenture easily.

Criteria for eligibility of Accenture Interview

Now if we talk bout the interviews, firstly if for qualifying for the interviews, you need to complete at least one coding question in the coding assessment. You can confirm your completion of a code by verifying that your code passed all the 6 or 8 test cases they have given. After the coding assessment, you will receive a link for the communication assessment in 2 or 3 days. You will be given 48 hours to attempt the communication assessment. I think the communication assessment is not the disqualification round. So you can attempt it freely without any worries.

For the 2nd batch students, most of them have the interviews scheduled on 21st of June 2021. You will be given the date and you can choose the time slot on the date given by them.

Tips for cracking the Accenture Interview for any branches

It is very easy to crack the accenture interview if you know the basics of C programming. This is the only secret you need to know to crack the 4.5lpa job in accenture.

So now, if you want the 6.5lpa job, then you need to write a basic code that is asked by the interviewer. If you don’t write the code but have answered most of the basic questions asked by the interviewer, then you will be most considered for the 4.5lpa job.

Mainly concentrate on your projects, whatever

may be your branch, you just need to know your role in your project and should be able to explain it perfectly. And as previously discussed, you need to know the basics of any programming language of your choice.

If we consider C programming, they may mostly ask a basic code like the sum of numbers in the array, check if a string is a palindrome or not, Fibonacci numbers program, etc. For theory questions, they may mostly ask about arrays, storage classes, operators.

In java, they may ask about the oops concept, what is JAVA, features of JAVA language, collection framework.

Last but not least, just know more about the Accenture company and the position you are applying for. In spite of all your preparation, luck is also important. So don’t get worried if you have not performed well.

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