How does Quadpay work and how to get started with it

QuadPay is one of the most popular services out there for letting you spread out your purchases over a six-week time frame.

How does Quadpay work?

Basically how Quadpay works is they partner

with merchants and then you can shop at these merchants and use their six-week payment plan and their payment plan basically looks like you pay twenty-five percent upfront and then you pay an additional twenty-five percent every two weeks.

So that comes out to a full six-week timeframe for you to pay off your purchases. And they’re not charging you any interest rate on this basic loan that they’re extending to you to make this purchase.

However, you can only use this at their partner stores, which they are a fair bit of, including Amazon, Walmart, Nike, and a whole lot of other stores that you likely already shop at especially during the holidays.

Now, when you sign up for their service, they’re essentially going to give you a credit limit that you can spend up to that amount with the service. Find very quickly how the service actually works.

So essentially what you would do is say you wanted to go to Walmart and you wanted to make a one hundred dollar purchase at Walmart. What you would do is you would go onto the app, you click on Walmart and you would select you wanted to spend a 100$ and you pay with quadpay and then you’d say you wanted to spend 100$.

What they’re going to do is then they’re going to spit out your payment plan. And what you’re going to notice is that any kind of payment plan you put together, they’re going to charge you a four dollars additional fee on top of the actual purchase price. That’s one of the first places that quadpay makes money.

But there are a couple of

other ones that are going to be a little bit more critical. And they spit you out your payment plan. And then if you accept that, then what they’re going to do is they’re going to give you a basically a ghost card.

Ghost card in quadpay

And a ghost card is going to basically generate a credit card number for you, as well as an expiration date and a security code. And then you’re going to be able to use that card to make your purchase and it’s going to go through.

And then basically quadpay is paying for the purchase and then you are obligated to pay quadpay back with those four installment payments. Now, one thing that keeps in mind is that there’s actually no guarantee that you get approved to use quadpay every time you want to use it.

So like I said, in terms of logistics here, you’re basically splitting your payment across six weeks into four equal payments of twenty-five percent with the additional four dollars on top of your purchase price.

Various charges in quadpay

There is no interest rate on this loan and there is going to be a five to ten dollar late fee if you are late on your payments. That’s usually going to depend on the state that you’re in, but it usually looks like an initial fee of five to ten dollars immediately to the day that you’re late.

And then if you go seven days without paying it, there’s going to be another fee on top of that. So they’re going to keep hitting you with fees basically until you start paying them. And a big downside here, guys, is if you go into default or if you make late payments on your account, they can report that to the credit bureaus and that can really hurt your credit score.

Requirements to create an account in Quadpay

quadpay minimum requirements for login

And the only requirement to use quadpay is you have to be 18 years or older. You have to have a phone number, you have to have a debit card. But you do not need to have a Social Security number or anything like that. But you do have to be located in the United States to use quadpay. So that’s how the thing works.

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