Why are google servers down today?

Today everyone in India has experienced the total breakdown of google services. No one was able to access Google services like Gmail, youtube, google drive. The main reason for this is not yet disclosed by google. Many think that it was due to the maintenance of google. The outrage was mainly in some parts of India and the United Kingdom.

This issue was first noted today 12:00 pm GMT.

But google cloud said that the issue was due to the internal storage quota issue.

The fun fact is that #googleserverdown has become the trending tweet after many users in India faced the outrage problem.

Why google is down?

A funny tweet by the user in twitter is “This is the starting of the end”.

As per reports, Youtube is showing 503 error and Google drive is showing some error.

To check more about google downtime, visit this website: https://downdetector.in/status/google/

The outrage was lasted for about an hour as reported in Gadgets.ndtv. But some users stated on Twitter that they could access youtube in incognito mode.

Google services are again restored.

The good news for everyone is that all the services of Google are again running fine. This was confirmed by the officials of Youtube in their Twitter handle. We could also see that they have also mentioned during the outrage.

How to check if Google is down or not?

If you are excited to see if google is down or not, then you could just search in google search bar “Google is down”. We can get a featured snippet which says the status of Google.

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