How to apply for companies using TCS NQT Score?

how to apply to other companies using tcs nqt scorecard

Hello guys, Are you one of them who is eagerly waiting for applying for jobs using your TCS NQT score 2021? Are you one of them who had got more marks in NQT and still not yet received the interview call? Are you waiting for more opportunities using your TCS NQT score? Then the wait is over!!

We are here to help you clarify all your doubts regarding the TCS NQT scores and how you can apply for other companies using your TCS nqt score.

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Have you checked your NQT Scorecard?

How to check TCS NQT Scorecard 2021?

TCS has recently released the scorecards of nqt 2020. Not everyone has received the scores. Most of them who had got selected for interviews are unable to see their results.

Now the real question, How can we check our TCS NQT scorecard 2020?

Do not worry guys just wait a second, you are about to get a surprise. But before that, if you have not yet joined our telegram group, then just go and be an active member in our telegram group to receive more updates like this.

So, now I am going to say you in single step about, how to see your tcs nqt scorecard.

1.Just open this link and fill your NQT ID and Phone Number – https://bit.ly/TCSNQTscorecard

Why did I not qualify in tcs nqt 2021?

reaction after seeing TCS NQT results | meme by wizardtechnical

Haha, every student has many opinions about this. For your information, example of nqt score card is as shown below.
You will get the coding score as well as shown below.

Now the real question, What is the cutoff for tcs nqt 2020?

To be frank, No one knows the proper cutoff scores of nqt 2020 exam. We don’t know on what factors tcs has qualified the candidates for the interview.

But we can definatly say that, your selection for the interview round for tcs is not done b=ion the basis of your coding score. Some students who have not attempted the coding section has also got the mails for inerviews. So we can prove the above point from this.

But, by observing the previous years patterns of nqt, one reason for your disqualification for interviews might be not clearance of cutoff in each section.

This year TCS has also made mandatory for students to complete the two step process during their registration for nqt, so if you have not properly completed the two step process, then it is also a reason for your disqualification.

What’s the good news for them who are not qualified for TCS NQT?

In spite of getting a good score in nqt, if you are not qualified for TCS interviews, then TCS is giving a wonderful opportunity for you guys.

As mentioned before, you can apply for other companies using your NQT Score. You have many opportunities still.

Apply for companies using TCS NQT score

Sorry guys for making you read these many lines of text. But no worries, just be with us till the end. If you are still here with me, then you are awesome. Let’s take our journey to an end.

So to be frank, TCS has previously mentioned during the registration of nqt 2020 that you would get an opportunity from other companies based on your nqt score. But as of now, till December 2020, still interviews are going on and some of them have not yet received their scores. So TCS is going to release the updates about the companies you could apply by using the nqt score, in January 2021.

But you can apply to companies using NQT Score by mentioning your TCS NQT registration number and score in the application form for a job in any company mentioned below. Depending on your nqt score, you can apply to companies like Croma, Titan, and many more according to the nqt score.

Some companies which you can apply using NQT score

  1. Equifax
  2. Data Patterns
  3. Tata Electronics
  4. Tata Consultancy Services
  5. TITAN Company
  6. UXD Jobs
  7. Croma
  8. JumpStartNinja
  9. Seaknots
  10. Mosambee
  11. Wishtree
  12. Proto tech solutions
  13. Happiest minds
  14. Refinitiv
  15. Norican Group
  16. Nava Bharat
  17. Aphelion Labs

    * You need to apply to each company separately in their job portal

More companies will be updated soon.

So we can hope that we can apply for companies using nqt score from the January month 2021.

Steps for applying for the companies according to the TCS care

steps for applying for companies using nqt score

From the chat, we can know that, your nqt scores will be shared with those companies that you have applied for a job and when they ask for it.

Note: Each company eligibility criteria is different.

Last but not least,
If you don’t have a good NQT score, then do not worry at all. TCS will give opportunities for every deserving candidate. So just don’t lose your hopes and just keep working hard.


-said by someone & copy-pasted by me

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How to apply for companies using TCS NQT Score ?

As mentioned above, TCS has not yet completely released their nqt scorecards. So after releasing the nqt scorecards of all the students, mostly by January 2020 we would be able to apply for companies using our nqt score.

On what basis candidates are selected from NQT, for TCS Interview?

To be frank, nobody knows about this. But we can wait till 2021 January to get more news from TCS.

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