Every latest update and leaks about Samsung devices 2021

top 3 latest updates and leaks about Samsung devices

Top 3 Leaks about Samsung devices and Latest updates

Samsung is coming up with many new devices like Samsung rotatable TV, Samsung Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy A12, Galaxy A32 5G, Galaxy A51, A71, Galaxy S21, and many more. We discuss the latest updates and leaks about Samsung devices.

Samsung Frame TV models – Can rotate between Landscape and Portrait modes

Samsung frame rotatable tv which can be used in portrait and landscape modes

Recently Samsung has come up with a unique section with a TV set “The Frame” that seems more like an artsy picture frame than a piece of electronics. Now they are also improving its usability. So that it can be used in both Landscape and portrait modes.

It uses the same concept as their “Sero TV” which was launched in 2019. Now the Frame TVs are also thinner than their previous models. Some are thinner than 3 centimeters.

No information related to the pricing has not released yet.

Official renders of Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Leaked

Samsung galaxy a32 renders leaked

Unlike other smartphone companies, The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G comes with both quad-cameras setup and flashlight placed individually towards its right side. Many smartphone brands use a dark frame and place the whole camera and flash set up in that frame. But A32 5G has placed them individually on the polycarbonate surface.

The design of this feature is similar to the LG Velvet smartphone. Samsung A32 is a lower price segment smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G has a side-mounted fingerprint scanning sensor. And it has a 6.5-inch LCD panel on the front. The LCD panel also contains a teardrop notch.

Under display Camera Solution patented by Samsung

samsung under display camera patent

Who doesn’t like to use a smartphone with a full screen without an obstruction like a camera notch? For a few years, smartphone companies are trying to decrease the bezels.

The only solution for this problem is by using the underneath display front camera. The smartphone which has its kind of front camera is ZTE Axon 20 5G.

So according to the sources, Samsung has a patent that explains the under-display camera implementation on smartphones. Sources say that the patent explains the two display parts. One is a screen with better resolution called a primary screen and the other part has a lower resolution compared to the primary display part.

Now we can surely say that this kind of smartphone will grow in number, as Samsung has patented an implementation about this. Samsung Note 21 may come with an under-screen display.

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