Enhanced gaming experience in samsung galaxy s20 using Game driver

The New Samsung application that’s made for gaming and it’s on the play store for free. This one is called the Samsung Game Driver Adreno. And right now it’s made for the Galaxy s 20 and the note 20 devices. Soon, many devices will get that feature in upcoming mobiles.

Is this an application?

This one set up is more like a tool rather than an application that you’re able to interact with and change settings and features. Now, about this application is that’s able to update the GPU drivers for enhanced gaming experience and then again, update the game drivers to enable the best gaming experience with improved graphics performance on Galaxy devices.

Supported models of samsung and games

Now, again, it’s very limited to only the Galaxy s 20 and the note 20 phones. And this release only supports the following games, which is Black Desert Fortnight and Call of Duty Mobile. Now this game GPU driver supports will continue to expand, just like all the other devices. So this right here, this application, this tool, we’ll be able to expand to more devices, more games in the coming future.

This one was also just released just a few days ago on December 6th. So all we’re going to do is we’re going to go through let’s get this one installed. I do have it on my Galaxy s 20 over here. I also have fortnight opened up so we can kind of take a look at everything. And there is another application I do want to show you if you want to take your gaming experience just a little bit further than this tool.

Advantage of game driver

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So you might be asking yourself, what is the big deal about this little tool, this application? It’s installing a small little software on your phone. So what’s the big deal about this? Why is it so important? And the biggest reason here is that Samsung doesn’t have to push off a full software update just to give you this little experience, this little tool.

So it’s a way that Samsung is able to always update your GPU’s, add

more games and more cell phones. And then this way it doesn’t have to get approved by the carriers just for something so small. So this will be able to have updates pushed out more frequently and a lot quicker. In this way, it doesn’t have to go through the approval of not only a full software update, but through the carriers. So stated from before, this one is limited with only a few games right now. But Samsung is working with like an entire roster of different software companies and partners. I believe there’s about 50 different partners that they’re working with so soon. Yes, you will see a ton of games that will have support with this game driver Adreno tool.

Galaxy application for s20 for gamers

So moving the Galaxy Note 20 out of the way. Let’s bring in the Galaxy S20. This one has another application that I do want to tell you if you want to have a bunch more gaming tools at your disposal. The application can be downloaded from galaxy store. So inside the Galaxy store to search for game plugins.

You might have seen me do a video on game plugins from before now instead of the game plugins, once you get this one downloaded and installed, there’s a bunch of different software and programs inside of here. But this one’s all made for gaming. So you have daily limits.

Are you able to manage the gaming time limits per each different device? You also have the game booster. Plus this can be used to fully customize the performance for every single game you play if you want it to be optimized for one and then maybe boosted for another. You also have PERF Z. This is going to show you all of your performance indicators. If you want to see your GPU, your CPU, your temperature frames per second, everything else, you can turn this on and they’re all going to be small little indicators on the screen and you can also fully customize those.

Then you also have the game clock. So this way, if you are playing a game and you know you need to come back in two hours to claim some prize, you can set that up.

In this way, when you go inside of your games, if you have any of those three games listed or all the rest of them that they actually add in, then you’re going to have the best performance in GPU. So let’s just throw this on the gaming controller.

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