BPI Online banking by the digitalization of services to its clients

Hello guys, if you remember during Covid19 many physical services had got affected and many sectors got affected due to that. The banking sector is also one of them which has got highly affected due to Covid19. So the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is moving completely into the digital side by offering online services to its clients.

If we talk about BPI online banking, it is only possible only due to its high tech platforms which were available and accessible before.

Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI took advantage of its strong pre-existing digital infrastructure to help millions of clients transition to the covid-19 lockdown requirements with over 100 functionalities.

And it’s only banks insight and mobile app. Over 4 million customers have been able to perform most of their everyday banking transactions digitally.

BPI measures for Online digital banking availability for its clients

Pre covid BPI would frequently hold seminars for clients to introduce the bank’s products and services that may be relevant to them.

Its sales teams and relationship managers also met clients frequently to inform them of new investment opportunities and provide consultancy services.

Challenges faced by BPI during digitization of the bank

BPI CEO Ramon Jocson said that the challenge was to find tangible ways to reassure clients that BPI is still their reliable financial partner in this time of uncertainty.

How did BPI Digitalize it’s banking for its clients

BPI is digitalizing it’s banking activities like registration and login through a webinar initiative called the #ECONversationSeries, where each BPI business unit engages its stakeholders in the perfect marriage of high tech and high touch and banking


Customers can send their questions and their questions will either be answered during a webisode or be tackled by a specialist after.

Mr. Jocson said that the digital switch wasn’t entirely smooth sailing for their high valued customers who were too accustomed to the traditional way of doing things. Some were initially uncomfortable with digital technology, so BPI actively took steps to show them how easy, convenient, and enjoyable it can be.

So what do you guys think about digital banking? How does it help you with this pandemic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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