Blackout in Pakistan | What is #blackout all about

Just now on 10th January 2021 morning at 1:00 am #blackout is trending. So the main reason for this trending according to sources is that there is no electricity in the whole of Pakistan.

Twitter users have made #blackout trending in just 30 minutes. Some users also tweet about no electricity in Pakistan by showing the visuals. We can see it from the screenshots below.

#blackout twitter trending no electricity in pakistan
#blackout | Just enjoy the day with the sunrise

When has the fault found?

The Pakistan Ministry of Energy tweeted that, “According to the initial report, a fault has been created in Guddu at 11:41 The fault tripped in the country’s high transmission, causing the system’s frequency to drop from 50 to 0 in less than a second. Power plants have been shut down due to falling frequencies Spokesperson Power Division” – translated by google

What measures are being taken during the blackout in Pakistan?

According the Pakistan Ministry of energy, they are taking immediate measures for restoring the electricity. They also tweeted that “Attempts are being made to determine the cause of the frequency drop. Attempts are currently being made to run Tarbela, which will restore order There is an appeal for restraint from the people”. – translated by google

Why #blackout is trending in twitter?

There was no electricity in Pakistan country according to the sources today morning on 10th January 2021, so this made the users to make the topic trending on twitter.

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