‘BITMOJI PAINT’- a new multiplayer online painting game into the list of SNAPCHAT Games.

Snapchat gets multiplayer online painting game 'Bitmoji Paint'.

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app is setting up its new original game called ‘Bitmoji Paint‘.


“Our goal with Bitmoji has always been to be the world’s avatar, to give people a digital version of themselves that represents them and lets them be themselves online”, the verge quoted Ba Blackstock, co-founder of Bitmoji as saying.

“And so now with games, it’s also letting people play together in a really new and fun and exciting way,” he added.

Bitmoji Paint: The game includes painting and cutely grotesque customizable avatars. Users can paint those squares present in the grid as a shared canvas. Snapchat has also offered a voice chat feature in the game’s menu and users can communicate with their friends while scribbling.

“You can send fun messages, and also even make giant landscapes, all these things are all possible in Bitmoji Paint”, said John, head of games and entertainment partnerships at Snapchat.

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